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Talk to Me Drunk

I'll skip the self-introductions. :3 I'm not that interesting, anyway.

Most definitely not new to the NejiTen fandom, but consider me a noob in writing these two.  (But I will improve! Huzzah, I promise.)

My contribution~~

Title: Talk to Me Drunk
Author: fatal_red
Rating: Fiction Rated T
Warnings: A lone curse word; wine; a kiss
Summary: Between a bottle of wine, and Tenten's thirst.
Notes: NOOB CROSSING. For the "12 Days of NejiTen Challenge," Theme 3. Wine.  ...And. Um. Never took a sip of alcohol before in my life, so forgive me for any inaccuracies? ;_;

Lee had absolutely nothing to do with a bottle of expensive red champagne sitting conveniently on Neji's tabletop.

Tenten stared at Neji warily as she kicked off her sandals and stepped barefoot onto the clean, paneled floor.

"Hey, what's with the..." When Neji's eyes flickered to her, she quickly changed topics. "I mean--ahem, you have water around here, Neji?"

Neji discretely examined the fine shading in the glass, before pushing it away awkwardly, severing his interest in it.

"No," he answered, "we'd have to go to the kitchen. But I wouldn't suggest sneaking about at night through the clan grounds."

Tenten licked her lips, wiping the grainy, dried sweat from her brow. "No water?" she chirruped weakly, tasting the salty brine on her upper lip. Neji wordlessly produced an unmarred scroll from his bedroom shelf and set it on the low tabletop, next to the tempting alcoholic beverage that both were determined to dismiss. December 23rd, he wrote, scrawling the date of their mission completion. Excursion to Wave Country resulted in several, minor conflicts with traveling, rogue ninja...

Tenten propped her elbow restlessly next to Neji's hand. They both smelled faintly of sweet sweat, having had no time to shower or dawdle on their way from a rigorous B-rank to the tumultuous Land of the Waves. Their deadline was tomorrow, and Tenten had--on a whim she now regretted--carelessly agreed to accompany Neji as he finished up their report to be read by the Hokage, Tsunade.

Tenten puckered her lips distastefully, fingers idly tapping the wooden surface. She refrained from questioning the time this particular activity would take, although she wanted to get out of here for more than one reason. (One of which included decorating in time for Christmas.) Neji noted her discontent, but said nothing, and continued to write in his fine, trailing script.

"I heard Naruto had A-rank mission assigned to him for Christmas day," Tenten lamented empathically. She chuckled slightly, lightening her disheartening tone. "And to think, I actually got him something this year."

"What?" Neji inquired, eyes still plastered to the white sheet poised beneath his elegant fingers.

"Ah, nothing much. Just a new kunai set. His old one's were getting worn." She refrained from adding, "I could tell."

"Christmas won't be the same without that loud blonde, Neji," she grinned suddenly, baring her teeth and rounding her cheeks. "Remember last year, when he and Inuzuka--"

"Streaked through town yodeling like a couple of unbalanced hooligans. Yes, it'll be quite unfortunate that we won't be having that this year."

"I thought it was pretty funny."

Neji raised a brow, though his eyes did not stray from the paper. He kept himself from a biting remark about Tenten just enjoying that scene too much herself when he realized he'd prefer not to go down that road.

She didn't deny watching it.

"What'd you get Lee this year?" she asked.

"A motivational calender."

"I'll attribute Lee's annual madness to you, then," Tenten simpered playfully. "I got him some flower seeds," she offered conversationally. "He's got a cute, little garden, you know."

"I've seen it."

They lapsed into a comfortable silence. Tenten continued to play with the bottle of champagne with her adroit fingers, hardly aware of her ministrations. Neji set down the brush. "It's done," he told her definitively.

"That's grea--" Tenten gasped as the smooth bottle slipped from beneath her hand and tumbled precariously off the edge of the table.

Thankfully, it landed within the cushioning folds of Hyuuga Neji's robes.

Unfortunately, and much to Tenten's mortification, it landed in the triangle of Neji's crossed legs. Right next to his, ahh...

"I'm sorry, Neji!" she stammered. She stopped her hands from automatically reaching for it.

Neji turned a pale shade of red, and lifted it carefully before setting it on the table again.

Neither dared to touch it again.

Well, Neji didn't dare, but Tenten...

Much to Neji's surprise, Tenten suddenly grabbed the bottle by the neck. He turned his head in time to catch her, once again, licking her lips lustily.

"I can't take it anymore. I'm thirsty, damn it." She avoided his slightly wider white eyes.

"Tenten, we could always--"

But it was too late to suggest going to the kitchen now. She had already popped the wine open, and was suckering it down via large gulps, such gulps that he could see it visibly pass from the bottle to her unconcealed neck.

Long minutes rolled by. Neji could do nothing but sit there like a statue.

She set it down with a satisfied sigh. A little over half gone. "Want some, Neji?" Her cheeks already seemed an unnatural shade of pink.

"No, not really, I--"

"You aren't thristy?" she demanded--more like purred next to his ear, setting the side of his face aflame.

"I think this stuff it pretty goood..." she burped, reaching for it again.

Lee couldn't handle his liquor. Tenten and Neji had never tried.

Apparently, Tenten couldn't either.

"Tenten, don't," Neji snapped, a voice of reason.

Tenten pouted, her bottom lip stuck out tantalizingly. "I'm thirsty, Neji," she said shortly, dragging his wrist off her hand. She pulled the bottle to her lips, telling him in the process, "This stuff is good."

Neji had never heard Tenten sound so mentally incapacitated before. Tenten was going to pummel herself for this in the morning.

"You should have some."

"Tenten, stop it," Neji said crossly, standing up, before being ridiculously dragged down by the pants.


"No, Tenten, no," he argued relentlessly.

"Neeeji?" she preened.

Neji choked on his spittle. He had never heard her use such a positively alluring entreaty--

An hour later, Neji found himself stone-drunk.

x   x   x   x 

"What would you do," Tenten hiccuped at Neji's flushed face, "if you kissed me?" She giggled giddily at her own clever query.

Inebriated, and clear of expression, he had been staring blankly at the empty bottle of wine between them on the table. But now, he fastened the hot, white gaze of his eyes on her. The silly grin fell off her face, and a flash of solemn rationality flitted across her eyes for a moment, making the unfocused ambers glow intensely. Her panic was immediately quelled by the comforts of liquor and Neji's next movements.

"If I kissed..." he murmured breathily, leaning forward toward her.

She flushed, pressing a palm against his approaching chest, although it was not a dissuading gesture.

He pressed his lips to hers.
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