Cosmo-san (blooming_cosmo) wrote in nejiten,

Scavenger Hunt [Sign Ups]

Scavenger Hunt

It's just how it sounds. You will be given something to look for. For example, if I ask you to find a specific fic, I may give a line from that fanfic. Your job is to bring back the exact item I asked for. If you successfully find the item, you will receive points. There will be 8 rounds. If you get the highest number of points, you win a special prize.

Interested? I hope so. If we get enough interest, we can start as early as Friday. This should give everyone time to sign up and whatnot. Friday you will receive your first challenge and you will post your findings to a screened post. You will find out how you did when the next item to look for is posted (below will be your self standing.

Hey, guys! I'm going to give you a small rundown of how things are going to go. I will put down the first challenge. This will give you an idea on how your post should look like when its your turn to post a search item. Pretty much, the only thing you'll have to do is choose an item that people can search for and an item similar to it (for example you tell them to find a specific fanart that has Tenten in a red dress. You'll have the fanart that is the correct answer, as well as another fanart that is almost right but not what you were looking for). It can be anything as long as it is NejiTen related. You must make sure that the post is screened that way when people post up their findings, no one else can cheat. If the person gets the correct item, they get 10 points. If they put down your second choice they get 5 points. If they don't find either of those things then they get 0 points. Members will have 2 days to find the item. After that, if they don't respond they automatically get 0 points. I hope that was clear. If not, feel free to PM me.

We will be posting in this order:
1) blooming_cosmo
2) light_flower
3) impynymph
4) sahara_storm
5) silverteardropx

So comment if you'd like to take part in this. I will add you to the list as soon as I can. Once the game starts you won't be able to sign up, so make sure to sign up before it's too late. ♥

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