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Team Gai crack - For Filipinos only

Out of crackness, while we ( oya_sphere and shiro_majou ) were reading "Chicharong Flower" by syaoran_no_hime esp the part we can't stop laughing about Naruto and Gai's argument regarding the Surf's Mother's Day Theme advertisement, so we made a crack song about Sir Gai just for the reason that his name rhymes with 'nanay'.
From the tune of Surf's Mother's Day Theme, "Salamat Sayo Nanay."

Lyrics by: oya_sphere and shiro_majou

Title: Salamat Sayo Sir Gai
Vocals: Rock Lee
Back-up vocals: Hyuuga Neji, Tenten
Guitars: Hyuuga Neji

Paggising sa umaga
Si sir Gai nasa training grounds na
Habang kami'y nasa bahay pa
Dahil masyado pang maaga
Dahil siya'y nasa oras
At di sya maangas

Sa kanyang good-guy pose
Kalaban ay lumayas
Nang dahil kay Sir Gai
Sa husay nya magsuklay
Buhay ay punong-puno ng ku~nai.

Salamat sayo Sir Gai~!

Date made & finished: 05-18-05
Time made & finished: 6:00 pm - 6:32 pm

Corny namin no? For awhile, sanity was deprived from us.
Actually, sanity was deprived from us ever since crackness was bestowed upon people. ^_^
Anyway, flames & comments are all welcome. @_@
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