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16 December 2007 @ 01:58 pm
Festival Directory 2007  
NejiTen Festival 2007 Directory

This is being put up early just for my convenience when everything starts tomorrow. If you are looking for something, or if you need an up to date summary of what's going on, please come here. Such information will be left in lj-cuts, but links to actual events will be listed below. If you're looking for this post it will be attached to the userinfo shortly for easy access. For reference, the 2006 Festival Directory has been placed at the bottom.

>>Festival Opening
Offical Opening courtesy of blooming_cosmo
NejiTen Crack Opening courtesy of toboe_lonewolf

NejiTen Moment in Narutimate Accel 2

>>NejiTen Crack
Cheaptastic Figures Theater by sapphireluna

>>Image Caption
Caption Thread

>>Community Icontest
Icontest Winners
Icontest Voting
Community Challenge

>>Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt Winner
Challenge 1
Challenge 2
Challenge 3
Challenge 4
Challenge 5
Challenge 6
Challenge 7

>>Fan Sound Tracks
NejiTen 2007 Festival FST
Accidentally In Love by toboe_lonewolf

>>Round Robin
Round Robin Sign-Up
Round Robin Game

Permenant Home For Festival Oekakies
Drawing Board 1

>>12 Days of NejiTen Challenge
Challenge Information
The Twelve Days by jalollipop
12 Completed Drabbles by notesonlove
Story by long_scarves
Avatars/Drabble Set by tainee and chariel
12 Drabbles by sireensilver
12 Ways to Look at NejiTen by katakokk
12 Icons Using the 12 Themes by light_flower
Both Sides by wordynessie
Fanart with 12 Themes by meepers_369
12 Drabbles Set by toboe_lonewolf
Fanart Set by sapphireluna
Drabble Set Complete by fatal_red
12 Is A Number of Perfection by smokkie
12 Banners by candy_bride
12 Icons by nebulasan

Fanart Thread
Say Cheese by nami86
Undone by vizililiom
Always by nami86
Resolve by onijutsu
NejiTen New Years by kayez12
When You're Teammate Gets Drunk by anko9
GTFO by lurliene
NejiTen Christmas by lone_panda
Twelve Days of NejiTen by toboe_lonewolf and goldragonix
Merry Christmas by melodramaniac

Full Doujinshi Listing Update by light_flower
Lily 「 リリィ 」Scanlation by toboe_lonewolf
Little Future by toboe_lonewolf
Christmas Doujin Part 1 by sapphireluna
Christmas Doujin Part 2 by sapphireluna

Fanfic Thread
Breathe Again by winter_yuy
Desperate by winter_yuy
Poke by chibishino
Nightlight by musei_kage
Flight by shikyo_yaiba
Revealed, Yet Untold by shikyo_yaiba
Resolve by wordynessie
Uncommon Urges by mycassandra
Talk to Me Drunk by fatal_red
Sleep Talking by katieoso
I Will Follow You Into the Dark by katieoso
Blackbird by katieoso
Enigma by tanya_lilac

>>Music Videos
Cosplay Videos contributed by hyuugatenten
Damn Regret by zero4combatant
Time of Dying by zero4combatant

NejiTen Mood Theme by light_flower
Doujinshi Icons by nebulasan
Icon Post by umi_mizuno
Doujinshi Icons by candy_bride
Wallpaper by candy_bride
Art Icons by nebulasan
Pairing Icons by blooming_cosmo

>>Festival Closing
Offical Closing Remarks courtesy of blooming_cosmo
NejiTen Crack Ending courtesy of toboe_lonewolf

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