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Hey all you wonderful people. We're really close to the start of the festival, and with all the things planned for the month, I will need some help.

For a majority of the events being held, I will need some banner makers. They will vary in dimensions depending on the contest, but they will all be created using placing, username, contest, etc. If people are interested I would really appreciate it if you would make mention of it here. Then you can just choose which ever contest you want to make banners for from the list of events below. I will automatically be on the list of banner makers, but the more help I get the quicker these will get to their respective owners upon completion of certain contests.

With that said, I will need some help in regards to certain threads. I obviously can't be online every minute of the day I try, but I can't even manage, so if anyone would like to help with keeping things organized and making sure threads are established on time along with making sure members post when they are required to, that would be great. It's hard enough keeping track of all I want to get accomplished these next few days, so any help would be great.

These will be the events I will need help with. I'll also mention exactly what positions, type of help I'll need. Thanks again, everyone. Let's strive for an awesome festival. Hurray!



Round Robin (mycassandra, ghostwriter_luv, chariel)
Basically, you will just be keeping an eye on the thread. Make sure people post when they are supposed to. This event will start on Monday, and will end the following Sunday. On Sunday night, it would be nice if either the volunteer or I, take all comments made and fix it to fit a story format, so that I can link it to the festival directory that I will be maintaining.

Community Icon Contest (paperteacup, intimidate)
I will post the guidelines for the contest, and the helper will just make sure to post at least two reminders for entries for the contest. The banner maker will need to make 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place banners for this event.

Scavenger Hunt (light_flower, impynymph, sahara_storm, silverteardropx)
So the idea came to me a while ago, and I thought it would be hella cool. XD I already have most of it planned out but I need an evil little minion to help me organize everything. Please! I'm really looking forward to this idea, and and...HELP!

Festival Music (light_flower, crazypupdog, hyuugatenten)
So, of course...what kind of party would this be if we didn't have music? Now all we need is food. Basically, I'll open the thread, and people will be able to comment with songs that fit the pairing. In the event they just comment with the title and artist, and don't upload the song themselves, it will be your responsibility to upload the song and inform me, so that I can add it to the list of songs for the pairing. It will basically be a community FST. Help...needed...badly.

12 days of NejiTen *NEW* (light_flower, meepers_369, intimidate)
This event is taking the place of our previous 10 for 10 challenge. If you are familiar with the old event, I'm sure you probably have a good idea what will be asked of you for this year. I'll take care of organizing who completed what, but I need someone other then myself to make the banners. If you're interested, comment, and I'll give you the details of what the banners should look like, etc.

NejiTen Caption Thread *NEW* (toboe_lonewolf)
Alright, for all four weeks of the festival we will need someone to help me organize a caption thread. Pretty much we'll be choosing images/scans and having members write captions for them. More details will follow.

NejiTen Phrase Contest (sahara_storm, passivesky, chariel)
For anyone who wishes to help me out with this event, just comment and I'll give you the details. If you'd like to make a banner for the winner along with a mod's choice banner though I may just do that banner myself if no one has time to do both or one of them.

Oekakies Board *NEW* (paperteacup)
So, I have no idea how to run this board, so this is where I am going to rely on others to help me get this thing up and running. Pretty much a drawing and chat board. I'm not sure of hosts, but some of you have already made mention of some. If you are familiar with what I am talking about and wish to help, please let me know. I'll need to keep in contact with you in order to make sure how things work and whether everything is going smoothly.

Fanart Thread *NEW* (meepers_369, onijutsu, chariel)
A pretty easy job. Just stand by and make sure that things remain NejiTen fanart related in the thread. In the event something does not look right or BASHING OF ANY KIND occurs...please inform me so I can take action ASAP.

Fanfic Thread *NEW* (katakokk, intimidate, jalollipop, notesonlove, passivesky)
Please regard previous cut for Fanart Thread. Same idea except all applying to fanfics. If you wish for more info, please let me know with a comment.

Regulators and Enforcers (wordynessie, nebulasan, mycassandra)
Through out this whole festival, I want absolutely no problems. NO BASHING, NO OFF TOPIC THREADS OR POSTS. I can't be on or check every single aspect of the festival, so having someone be an extra pair of eyes for me would be fabulous. PLEASE COMMENT!

So far, that is all the help I will need as of. I'm sure the list will change, but please, if you are at all interested...I would greatly appreciate the help. If I don't get that many banner makers that's okay as long as I get someone to help me upload music and keep things organized. Just comment and I'll give you your duties. :D

For those who haven't seen it. We currently have a suggestions thread open. Feel free to suggest an event or anything along those lines in the thread.

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