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Greetings. *waves* I have come from afar and stumbled humbly across your community, only to end up stalking each and every one of you. Nyhar. I come baring a fanfiction, so don't go using me as sacrifical offering yet. x3

Title: For a Moment
By: Spiffeh
Anime: Naruto
Pairings: Neji/Tenten

For a moment, he felt complete. Everytime he was with her, it was like having two halves become a whole, never to be seen with out one another. He was the darkness that loomed around the corners, forever watching with wary eyes and never daring to reach out into the open. She was the light that brought him out into the world, taking his hand and leading him out into a place he never knew. He thought he had seen everything.

For a moment, he felt new. Long ago, he had locked away his emotions, hoping that it would be lost and forgotten. He wanted nothing to get in the way, daring anything to be his weakness when he had became this great. He was powerful. Nothing could pierce harder than his gaze, nothing was swifter than his hands, and no one could break the ancient lock around his heart that was rusted within the cold hard years. He didn't realize that she found the key.

For a moment, he felt free.
She was the skies and he was the birds. She would carry him throughout the atmosphere, being the wind beneath his wings and letting him fly. There was a feeling at times that he would fall, never be able to beat his great wings again and soar. But she had always been there, falling down with him before carrying him back with her arms and throwing him into the skies, letting him taste the sweet nectar of freedom once again.

But for a long time, he knew that he loved her.


Eh? Eh? *waggles eyebrows* Welp, it's my first attempt of NejiTenten EVAR, so don't get too heated up when trying to post about it. xD Of course, I welcome your intelligent
criticism. x3
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