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As I was going through my massive documents and picture files one Nejiten, I stumbled across this. I made in back in the beginning of summer as a gift for a friends, and I thought it'd be a great gift for you guys.

The covers aren't refined well due to my lack of any color program besides Paint. And that,as everyone knows, is as crappy as Bush, at least in my opinion. (no offense to his supporters that read this)

But besides, the point, Complicated Love is supposed to be a storyish type deal. You'll have to go through all the lyrics in order to figure it out, but I did leave quick summaries below each story title in context t like this. So don't just skim it if you want to really know why I made this. OH also a reminder, I will be putting up a download for all the songs, but for now I'm without some songs and still lacking the correct technicality equipment

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
1. Can't Help Falling in Love by A Teens

(this is supposed to represent Tenten
falling in love with Neji when they first
started the team)

Shall I stay (I stay)
Would it be a sin? (A sin)
If I can't help falling in love with you
Like a river flows to the sea
So it goes
Some things are meant to be
Some thing are meant to be
Take (Take) My hand (My hand)
Take my whole life too (whole life too)
For I (I) can't help falling in love with you

2. Things I'll Never Say by Avril Lavigne

(Tenten trying to be perfect for Neji)

I'm tugging at my hair
I'm pulling at my clothes
I'm trying to keep my cool
I know it shows
I'm staring at my feet
My cheeks are turning red
I'm searching for the words inside my head
I'm feeling nervous
Trying to be so perfect
Cause I know you're worth it
You're worth it

3. Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse

(Tenten's love and admiration growing, but
without Neji really noticing that she loves him)

I couldn't choose a reason among the lyrics,
because the reason is ALL the lyrics

4. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

(Tenten reflecting (I guess?) on loving Neji.
A bit hard to explain why chose this one)

And I'd give up forever to touch you
Cause I know that you feel me somehow
You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be
And I don't want to go home right now
And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
Cause sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight...

... I just want you to know who I am

5. All you Wanted by Michelle Branch

(Tenten taking notice that Neji's not
everything he makes himself out to be,
Also to represent The cage bird idea
that everyone uses)

I wanted to be like you
I wanted everything
So I tried to be like you
And I got swept away

I didn't know that it was so cold
And you needed someone
to show you the way
So I took your hand and we figured out
That when the tide comes
I'd take you away

If you want to
I can save you
I can take you away from here
So lonely inside
So busy out there
And all you wanted
was somebody who cares

6. How to Save a Life by The Fray

(representing Tenten Confronting Neji
about her love, but being rejected,
they go there own ways)

Yet again, the complete lyrics fit
them quite well.

7. Far Away by Nickelback

(Neji realizing just how much
he really loves Tenten)

This time, This place
Misused, Mistakes
Too long, Too late
Who was I to make you wait
Just one chance
Just one breath
Just in case there's just one left
'Cause you know,
you know, you know
That I love you

8. Drops of Jupiter by Train

(Tenten and Neji back together again)

I again can't choose what lyrics
to put here, it also fits all
too well.

9. Hands Down by Dashboard Confessions

(Ok, well this one's more ment to be
about them when they're older. If you
don't understand the lyrics, then don't
worry you will someday)

Breathe in for luck.
Breathe in so deep.
This air is blessed, you share with me.
This night is wild, so calm and dull.
These hearts, they race, from self-control.
Your legs are smooth, as they graze mine.
We're doing fine.
We're doing nothing at all.

My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me.
So won't you kill me?
So I die happy.
My heart is yours to fill or burst,
to break or bury, or wear as jewelry.
Whichever you prefer.

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