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Quite some time and I come bearing a fanfic for forgivenesss

It's been a long time since I've posted, well been here in general. Over a year to be more specific, but I've decided to become an active member again with more posting this time! Anyways, this is a unfinished fanfic that I found in my Documents. I rewrote some parts and fixed it up to a finish product. Though, I'm still unsure about some parts. It feels like it's missing something, so feel free to give suggestions.

Title: Sharing, it's part of a Challange my friend gave me months ago.
Author: me
Apiring: Nejiten
Rating: pg 13 for one messily bad word

Challenge 11: Sharing

It was normal day in the lives of team Gai. Lee and Gai were off doing inhuman exercises and what not, while Neji and Tenten were doing their usual thing. Tenten was throwing any and all kinds of sharp pointed objects at Neji, whilst Neji deflected every single one of them. Normal, right?

It was about noon when Neji finally suggested they take a break and eat something. Tenten grin at this and plopped down gleefully to lean against a tree. She had worked up quite an appetite from the intense work out and considering she had skipped breakfast, she was ready to eat something.

Neji on the other hand seemed to be empty handed today. He sat down by the tree next to our lovely Tenten, and started meditating.

Tenten had taken notice and thought for a second before speaking up, “Don’t you have anything to eat today?” She asked quirking an eyebrow towards Neji.

Neji didn’t reply at first so Tenten urged the question again, “Hey, Neji, aren’t you going to eat? It’s not healthy to train with out eating.” She insisted.

Neji popped one blankless eye open towards Tenten and replied, “Hinata was busy this morning and didn’t prepare anything for me, something about a picnic with that imbecile Naruto. So to answer your question, no, I don’t have anything to eat today.” With that he closed his eyes and went back to meditating.

“Well that’s not right, here have this” Tenten said holding out half of a sandwich. It looked to be some meat with cheese between to pieces of white crust less bread.

Neji however ignored the gestured and Tenten all together, not even popping one eye open to see what she held out for him. “No thank you, you eat.” He blankly said.

“I’m not going to eat my food until you take it, if you’re going to go without eating lunch today that so will I” Tenten said stubbornly. She the proceeded to place the sandwich back down in the container it was in and set it down if front of her on the grass. Lifting her hands to rest behind her head, she leaned back against the tree and closed her eyes.

Neji took notice of this, unsurprising, without opening any eyes. “Tenten, eat your lunch. I’ve gone without eating before during training.” He responded still not opening either one of his eyes.

“Nope! Not unless you eat something too.” Tenten replied.

“I’m not going to take your food, so just eat it already Tenten.” Neji said a twinge of anger, no wait, aggravation in his voice. If Tenten hadn’t spent so many years with him, she’d never have noticed it. She smirked inward, wasn’t every day she got emotion out of him.

“I don’t think so, I’ll eat, if you eat my lunch with me” Tenten replied letting the inward smirk escape to the outside. Ha Hyuga, look who’s smirking now. She childish thought.


“Then I’m not going to eat. That’s final.” Tented replied, in a matter-of-fact voice.

Neji didn’t say anything after that, but after a few moments he reach down and snatched the sandwich Tenten had offered him earlier. Grumbly, he ate it.

Tenten smirked again, “See, that wasn’t so bad.” A grunt was her reply. “Now come, come Neji, it’s called sharing. We as teammates, and friends she added inwardly, should share when the other has none.” Taking up the other half of the sandwich she became to eat then drank some of her juice.

“I thought it was friends who did that crap?” He smirked.

Tenten choked on the juice she was drinking.
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