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23 November 2007 @ 09:51 pm
Opinion post!  
Let's have a little discussion once in a while.

Yesterday I was watching the dub (yes, even though it's awful), and they showed the Hinata vs Neji episode of the chuunin exam. While I was watching Neji being such an awful jerk, I wondered what Tenten would have thought if she had seen this fight?

Neji was an arrogant bastard before Naruto "changed" him, and almost killed Hinata out of rage when she said he was probably suffering more than her. Would Tenten be disappointed in him if she saw how he acted? Bullying Hinata and all?

I think she'd feel sorry for him. Sorry he thinks this way, and sad that Hinata is right about him suffering. Maybe helpless that she can't help? I think that if Tenten is in love with him, (and we all know she is) she must have fallen in love after he changed.

What do you think?

Another thing I've been wondering about, in episode 34, (the episode after Sasuke goes psycho and breaks Zaku's arms) when Lee is talking to Sakura, Tenten is nearby and has some kind of annoyed reaction at this, and I was like "Wut? It kinda looks like she's jealous."
If you don't remember, you can watch it here: at 5:15

That was even in the manga. But what does it mean? It looks like...LeeTen hints? o_O Any one has a better explanation?
ichigoxrenjiichigoxrenji on November 24th, 2007 04:32 am (UTC)
i think you would be about right when you said she would have felt sorry for him and sad that Hinata is right about Neji suffering. About the love thing, i don't really know. i think she already felt something more toward him then she did Lee before he changed. i think she realized what's he's going through, not to say that she would have approve of what he was about to do to Hinata but that she would have understood the reasons behind it.

About the part that maybe she was jealous of Lee, i highly doubt it. I think it was more of a combination of annoyance (Lee went on his own and tried to protect a girl he just meet, i think its consider an annoyance since judging by his character, he probably do this very often), anger (he gets himself hurt too often and as his teammate, she is concern about him although she may be a bit harsh on him), and perhaps a little bit of admiration(i think her reaction was more due to his declaration that "The Lotus in Konoha bloom twice. the next time we meet, i promise that i will be a stronger man...") for him since he's all bitten up and still promising to not give up and become stronger from that.

all in all, i love all three characters, Lee is among my favorite as well but i will still prefer TentenxNeji any day of the week so i guess i'm a little bias...