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F.O.I.L. Fanart!

Hello!!! I managed to squeeze in the last bit of time... *finally*... Well... I made all of them in the middle of the class since I have no time now. And I'll be out of town for our country 's tradition of going back home t our village soo... don't expect too much.

Ah, yeah: There is a bonus art, the one who made everything happened. Oh yeah. AU NejiTen



The first one is about Tenten fell over and Neji helped her, Their FIRST meeting

The second one is about Tenten waiting outside the Hyuuga compound, too embarrassed to give him the gift she had brought along.

The third one is about Tenten's confession. Talking about inner feelings. ^^;

The fourth one is about Neji leaving for another town. I actually planned to make it a shinkansen but I guess I don't have the time and the will to complete it. ;p Bwahahahahaha

Sorry... but I don't have the scanner and I scan it in the internet cafe and they don't give a damn about the quality while I am running out of money and out of time. GOMENASAI!!!!!!!!!

I want to make a fic for FOIL too... but I guess I won't be able to give it before the deadline so... ^^; Maaaaa.... Since I have a lot to do, I gotta go!! THANKS!!!
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