Sapphire Luna (sapphireluna) wrote in nejiten,
Sapphire Luna

Hello fellow NejiTen fans =)

I have a favor to ask. You see, I want to improve my drawing skills but I often don't draw just because I can't think of anything to draw. That or I'm too lazy, which is bad. I need to pratice more.

I do feel like drawing Neji and Tenten though. I always do, but I run out of ideas. So what I'm asking is, help me coming up with nice NejiTen pics ideas. What would make an awesome fanart to you? What kind of poses or situation would you like to see? What NejiTen pic would you be dying to see? Prompts are good too.
I'm not saying I'll draw all of them, but I might draw a few. So tell me =) It'll force me to draw more.

Edit! I'm not taking anymore! Sorry!

And here are some of the NejiTen or Team Gai pics I've posted before. In case you want to be reminded the way I draw or something?
-Click- -Click--Click- -Click--Click--Click--Click-
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