GeeBee (goldberry) wrote in nejiten,

NejiTen "Comparisons & Other Things You Don't Make"

My latest contribution to "The Calendar Suite" by myself & wordynessie.

Title: Comparisons & Other Things You Don't Make
Series/Pairing: Naruto, NejiTen, Sakura, Lee
Theme: "The Hierophant"
Word Count: 2,041
Rated: PG
Notes: Set early on in the series, right after Lee battles Gaara during the Chunin exam and Tenten fights Temari. Dedicated to my lovely writing partner, wordynessie, whom I utterly failed to write a requested drabble for and so am making it up to her with this little fic. (Good thing she loves me, right? ♥) Also, sorry about the blue italics. My layout does that on it's own when I use them.

( Her Lee never moves, never wakes. The books start to make tall piles on the floor. )
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