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[fic] Mirror Mirror

Title: Mirror Mirror
Rating: PG-13, T may go up later
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: Hyuuga Nejime (Neji), Tian (Tenten), Li (Lee), Mai (Gai) and Rookies
Notes: Genderflip AU. What if the members of Team Gai were born the opposite gender of what they are in canon? (Rest of the Rookie 9 may/may not be similarly flipped. Although for sure Yamanaka Ino remains the same.) Definitely inspired by the awesome Naruto RP narukorp    and especially by Nejiko and Tentsuke (played by the lovely istoria    ) although I deliberately tried to write it as somewhat different from their much more plausible take.

Mad props also to tainted4life    , who let me natter on at her about the idea, came up with the names Nejime and Li, and did some AIM RP with me to help develop the whole concept.

( Fate, she decided, had a horrible sense of humor.)
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