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????????? A very weird NejiTen Drabble

My first attempt on doing a cut!!! Does it work? Does it work? *anxious*

Title: The Dipping Snow
Summary: I don't know... everything is vague so I don't understand the fic myself... ^^ hahahahaha! but... "One snowy day... and the nature was playing with his heart."
Rate: K+

The snow was falling gently over the sidewalk, coloring the usually red colored path with white--soft white... gentle  white... White...

White was the color of his eyes.

He didn't understand why it fitted since all he saw now was white. Sea of white... The rooftop, the sidewalk, the road... Everything as white. Did he longed for other color to come before his eyes? Well... he didn't know... He didn't even think of anything as he strolled along the path... Walking atop the snow as silently as a leopard... Silent and deadly.

The trees greeted him when he arrived at the woods. They were supposed to be green... but now what was left were brown and white. The brown of the frozen wood... and the clear white of the snow, hanging on the branch as if mocking the leaves for not be able to come out at all. 

Mocking. Cold. White.

Fitted him. So much.

And the mist slowly surrounded the woods... Mist... white mist... Vague... like him. The atmosphere was just like him... describing his very self so clearly in front of his eyes. Somehow... he felt the mocking taunt of the nature.

You're so bare now...

I am. He thought. The weather was mocking him... Mocking him... for everything... The nature read everything. Even...

Flashes of brown and black suddenly visible behind the mist. Hissing of steel cutting the air... the sound of soft land on top of the snow... Flash of black cold steel... and warm... warm brown... Brown...

Her brown.

The woods hid her figure as she danced between them... As she danced inside the mist and between the trees... as she danced on top of the snow... as she danced in his heart.

The white mist was her curtain. The snow was her stage. The trees were her partner and the steels were her companion... A dance...

A goddess

A goddess in one white snowy day...

A goddes and a lover.

A lover that  was watching her in the mist... between the woods... on top of the white snow... behind his own glacial cell...

And suddenly she turned to look at him. Her brown eyes betrayed the cold with their warmth and her voice broke the silence of the cold wind.


And the nature... laughed at him once again. Laughing his bare heart.


But for now... let it be.

"Dance again, Tenten."

Dance again in my heart.


Note: Ah... that's definitely weird... Unyahahahahaha... What am I doing?? @_@

Hey, the cut works!!!

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