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My NejiTen Fic Rec List

I was looking around my WebPage folders and saw a list from Jan.2005. I thought I might post it here to let u guys know the fics that make my NejiTen faith rock ^^ I'm sure you may have read them all, but nevertheless, I present my fic recommendations list.

The Hyuuga Persuasion :
hate Neji. love Neji. ^^ But I was really squirming in my seat while reading this. Delicious Neji-ness, and Tenten kicks ass ^^

Telephone :
Neji's just so...sweet, in his own way. The narration's good too ^^

Just Admit It :
I loved the kissing scene. I dunno, the unexpected timing and all. Pah, spoiler XD The narration's crisp too ^^

Moonlight :
Drabble. You know how they always tend to be: poetic. This one is not different, but it has...emotions ^^ Reading it made me feel serene. And Neji made me "aaaw!!!" He was not mush, and he was shown as he should be: composed. Yet affected. I guess that's the part I like most about this one.

"The scene is almost scripted, and Neji has witnessed it countless times before, but he is still relieved once it ends."

That was my fave line ^^

7 days: Tenten's Toughest Mission! :

Typical plot, although I wished I thought this one up /heh. Imagine the possibilities...

Five Pins :
This chilled me to the bones. But it managed to make me teary-eyed in the end. >.< Don't read when ur depressed.

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