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14 April 2007 @ 12:14 pm
[oneshot] Valentine's Day Past [nejiten]  
It's my birthday... hooray... another year of youthfulness... hooray...

Title: Valentine’s Day Past
Pairing: Nejiten
Warning(s): ... none really… maybe boys going goo-goo gah-gah…
A/N: This is when they are 11. According to a manga I read (And Wikipedia), in Japan, the girls are the only ones who give presents on Valentine’s Day.

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...There was a huge line in front of Neji Hyuuga...
Current Mood: moodymoody
Current Music: happy birthday being sung on the phone... ugh...
Sapphire Lunasapphireluna on April 14th, 2007 08:31 pm (UTC)
I liked it. I wonder if Neji'll give her something on White Day XD