ryuuhei (ryuuhei) wrote in nejiten,

NejiTen Fanart Gift For Lurliene-chan

I'm so~ sorry it was late (Forgive me lurliene-chan!). I haven't checked the community for a long time, since I was in Hawaii for spring vacation (T_T). I was there for three weeks! Can you believe it?! It sucked...honestly, I didn't WANT to go there.

Anyways, I hope you like it >_<!  Feel free to offer criticisms.  I would be really please to improve my skills ^_^!  And...I loved your gift by the way, lurliene-chan!  It was so~ HoT.  Yeah!  Once again, I am deeply sorry for my lateness (that goes for everyone in this community T_T).  I hope you understand.

Also, I don't know if you like this kind of art lurliene-chan, but I hope you'll accept it.  Forgive me if I suck.  And I did not color it too because I thought you might wnat to color it on your own >_<!

Click Image for larger version.

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