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Technically, I should be slumped on the keybard right now...but...I'll do that later.

As far as fic progress goes, I'm almost done with the White Day one...then tackling the drinking contest one for Rekino-san, and for Firefly-san...I'm still trying to think of ideas. The marshmallow thing is bugging me, though and so now I have a mental image of Tenten teaching Neji the joys of eating a marshmallow. Curse random plot ideas.

So, I'm delivering an excerpt from said White Day fic, so you guys can lemme know what you think before I type up the fic from Heck. (It's longer than the first one! >.<)

It all started with Naruto. Unbeknownst to all but him, he decided to sabotage Lee's cake. He dashed over, snatched the bowl from right under Neji's nose (to the prodigy's complete shock), and raised it high above his head.

Lee was quick to grab onto it. "Naruto-kun! What are you doing to Sakura-san's cake?!"

"Destroying it! I'm the one who's gonna give Sakura-chan her cake!" Naruto didn't relinquish his hold on the bowl.

Neither did Lee. "It was MY idea!!"

Their squabbling was attracting attention now.

"Hey, you two..." Ino propped her hands on her hips, looking peeved. "If you keep fighting like that, that bowl's going to land on some--"

The boys' grips slipped at the same time; results were chaotic and instantaneous. Shikamaru hauled Ino out of the way of the soaring projectile, Kiba grabbed Hinata and dove under the table with Chouji, Shino just shook his head, and Nej and Tenten tried to shove each other out to safety simultaneous. Unfortunately, the bowl didn't believe in rewarding selfless behavior, for...

The bowl upended...and landed on Neji's head.

"," finished Ino weakly, into the horrified silence that followed.

Naruto and Lee gaped as pink batter dripped down the Hyuuga's face. Neji's eyes were hidden beneath the rim of the bowl, but you'd have to be a completely dense idiot not to notice the death aura that he was emanating. Blood would be shed.

Tenten cautiously approached him, removing the bowl and swiping a bit of batter off his face as she did so. "Um, Neji...are you all right?"

Stupid question. Neji was far from "all right". No, he was more like "so livid that Orochimaru felt his fury from his little hideout and wept like a little girl". Heedless of the pink stuff still plastered on his pale face, he activated his Byakugan.

"I'm going to kill you." This simple comment was directed not towards Tenten, but to the two Shinobi hugging each other in mutual terror.

"He stole my cake!" Lee squeaked defensively. "Youthful justice had to prevail!"

"The ends don't always justify the means," Shino remarked, out of the blue. The high collar of his jacket allowed him to smirk privately.

Neji moved purposefully toward Lee and Naruto, both automatically quailing as he slowly and unerringly approached.

"I-I'll go get a towel!" Hinata mumbled, emerging from her refuge under the table and taking off.

"I'll go with you!" Ino was quick on her heels.

Wisely figuring that any attempt to stop her teammate from achieving righteous vengeance would be futile, Tenten licked her batter-covered finger. Hmm...strawberry. She very quietly began assembling ingredients for another cake. She did NOT want to run six hundred laps and somehow didn't think that "Neji snapped and went on a killing spree while Lee lay bleeding on the floor because he dumped a bowl of batter on his head and now Neji's going to smell like Strawberry Shortcake for a long time" would be a good excuse for Gai.

Maybe if she threw in some random "youth"s.

^^;; I'm gonna go to bed now...
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