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Aquarius Galuxy
04 July 2014 @ 02:36 pm

There is one photo whose existence Neji would very much like to annihilate; it is one taken on Tenten's thirteenth birthday, a year after they have been on the same team - her wish was to tie his hair in buns, like hers, and it took forever and a great amount of cajoling before he agreed; after which Gai immediately snapped a picture with an instant camera, of his sour face topped with twin buns (it remains one of his greatest embarrassments today); there is another picture from that night, however, of him with Tenten, their hairstyles a mirror image of the other, that he has retained, and it remains one of his most treasured pictures of them together for a long time to come.

Drawing is by my very talented sis. ;)
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