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Toboe LoneWolf
18 July 2012 @ 08:35 pm
Guys. We have Nejiten. In manga canon.

No I am not making this up.

As you may be aware, a new Naruto movie is coming out next week called "Road to Ninja." This movie appears to have the full rookie 13 (with a twissstt!), but the really cool thing is that Kishimoto wrote the script for the movie.

He also just drew a one-shot manga promo for the movie.

It's a little slice-of-life before the movie plot begins, but the important thing here for us shippers is that Neji and Tenten are in it.

In a bath.


shipper goggles activate

They are going to the bath. Together. Inviting Lee as well, who invites everyone else, but the important thing here is that they're going first

So yeah. Guys, you need to read this now.

Road to Naruto Movie Manga

Do it. Do it now. Do it and squee. Do it

Not to mention it has lots of shirtless Neji and Tenten