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24 January 2011 @ 07:04 pm

Hi, you gorgeous, beautiful people! Let's try something new! LOOK AT MY AWESOME IDEA DAMNIT The NejiTen fandom is quiet these days. Really quiet. Less people are fanworking, and the base is slowly disappearing.   So I've got an offer for you, fellow NejiTen fan. I've decided to take up reading fanfiction again simultaneously while I write. I'm also trying to gradually retain the quality and length of my reviews, so this is your chance for some shameless self advertising. I want YOU. Yes, YOU, to speak up. Speak up and sell me your soul link me to whatever little gem you've written that you think isn't getting enough attention or you feel the need to improve on, and I'll review anything you've got.

EDIT 8/9/2011: Closed this round! Look to see if I'm back again in a little while?

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