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19 December 2010 @ 12:57 am
Title: Syndicate
Chapter: Four: A Different Life
Series: Naruto
Characters/Pairing: Neji/Ten, Sasuke, Ino, OCs including Hyuuga Hitomi, Yori Daichi
Rating: T-M.
Summary: Sent to the 'City of Trees', Sendai, as an undercover agent, Tenten can only wonder who is hiding Lucia from plain view. The answers will take her further and further from reality as she begins to lose her true self.
There is a beginning and an end to everything -- and every present breath seems to echo the past. The woman known as Tenten learns she will be sent to Sendai, but Tenten herself is packed into the box --

 -- and so begins the life of Inoue Miyako. )

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