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12 December 2010 @ 03:15 pm
Title: Syndicate
Chapter: Dragon: The First Scroll
Series: Naruto
Characters/Pairing: Neji/Ten, Sasuke, Ino, OCs including Hyuuga Hitomi, Yori Daichi
Rating: T-M.

Summary: Sent to the 'City of Trees', Sendai, as an undercover agent, Tenten can only wonder who is hiding Lucia from plain view. The answers will take her further and further from reality as she begins to lose her true self. AU!

A young Tenten meets an enigmatic Hyuuga Neji and energetic Rock Lee at a "prestigious Summer program for Gifted and Talented Students", sponsored by a mysterious organisation. The past is always followed by the present - and so we digress. XD

A/N:  Good morning everyone! Not only is this a bit late, this is also a little back story I decided to shade in, in between chapters. This is a semi-side story, I guess. Also, in other news, I will be updating next week as well, as well as in the last... two weeks of January, so keep your eyes peeled and waiting for more Syndicate goodies!+This post will be locked on the 12th of January
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