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11 September 2009 @ 10:19 pm
the NEJITEN meme〪

Comment to this thread with a prompt followed by the rating you'd prefer your prompt to be written in. BE ADVISED THAT MATURE DRABBLES ARE ALLOWED AS LONG AS THE REQUESTER SPECIFIES.
This is a NejiTen meme, so please focus on this pairing/relationship/duo when creating drabbles. DUH!
If you want to write a drabble for a prompt, please reply to the comment containing the prompt with the RATING and PROMPT written clearly in the SUBJECT of your comment.
Unless you are comfortable with revealing who you are, make posts in here anonymous. Less pressure and more freedom.
For each prompt you request, at least try to fulfill a prompt for someone else. Not necessary, but it would be nice to get a ton of drabbles out of this. :)
No word limit. Write as much as you want. And yes you can write for a prompt that was already written for. But try to share your talent with other lonely prompts if you can. ;D
Anything found breaking the rules will be deleted.
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