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02 September 2009 @ 06:51 pm
Wanted to share this new fanart I did : HOTSPRING
And I also wanted to beat [info]devfmorgana to the punch (lol) to tell you all about this new group the two of us are forming on deviantart.com ... Nejitenplz... it's gonna be a fanfic-writing group... partly to help beginners improve their writing skills (tips, how-to articles, weekly/bi-weekly writing prompts, monthly style-prompts, etc), but most just to share in the Nejiten love :) ...
We're officially "Opening" the group on Sunday (9/6/09) and on behalf of me and [info]devfmorgana, I invite anyone interested in this kind of group to come join us.

oh... and i apologize, not sure what the etiquette is here for posting stuff like this, I hope it's okay... if not please let me know and I'll remove it im