June 21st, 2009

Fanart for Toboe-Lonewolf :)

Edit: FIXED. Sorry about that, I shouldn't be on the internet that early in the morning :P

Oh holy crap I'm back. For those of you who remember who the heck I am, Sorry for leaving so suddenly, life got in the way >_<

Moving on:

Instead of sleeping tonight I decided a better use of my time would be to throw this pic inspired by Toboe-LoneWolf's 'A Western by any other Name' together. I hope the URL for it is right... It's been so long I've forgotten how to livejournal :P

The pic is partly a sorry for not delivering the last piece of art I promised to the community but mostly for T-LW's awesomeness and inspiring...me...ness. Hurr.


This should be better :)

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Flyff Syao

[fic] The Catalyst

I hope[info]swartzwald is reading this. I’m also more comfortable with humor, just like you, but I found your plot very intriguing. Hopefully, 16 months of ficcating inactivity will not make the chapter too boring. ^^;

TITLE: The Catalyst
RATING: T for theme
GENRE: Romance, General (Series)
SUMMARY: Changes do not just happen. Something, or someone must make it happen.


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