April 2nd, 2009


Title: Only a Dream
Rating: T <---for mild language
Chapters: 2
Disclaimer: I'm I did own Naruto, Itachi would still be alive D<
When you dream of the same dream over and over again, how can you tell what's real? I still love having those dreams, but after the 39th time you have this dream you realize something. You realize that you have an obsession with your crush. And now it looks like I'm Hallucinating. What's wrong with me?

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4820091/2/Only_a_dream <----chapter 2 of my story!

Chapter 3 will be there soon!! (I think...)<----person is reeeeally busy

Okay u ppl out there!! I have great news! I just got myself a manga studio!! And to celebrate I want you to make a short (or semi-long) one shot of Tenten and Neji! Who ever has the best story, I shall use as my storyline in the doujin based off it! Just tell me if your participating. Enjoy!

Thanks for listening! 
              Katsumi Ashia~