February 23rd, 2009

nejiten fst: no explosions here

no explosions here ~☆

Hi guys. Third FST. More eye candy. Entering it in the challenge of the 2009 NejiTen festival, making a small ode to this year's festival, "The Night of Sevens." Originally I had a seven song NejiTen (cracky) playlist. Then the festival mod post came up...

And eventually I came up with a conclusion of this. One or two suggestive banners and some wierd ranting/venting.

And another thing, this FST is in two parts. The first is angst. The second is crack. Y'get what I mean?


And now I present you with... TEH EPIC BANNER! This FST would've been prettier and better presented/packaged, and also posted earlier if LJ cut/posting wasn't stuffing up, >___>.

Somewhat tanabata themed, eh? Hope it's not too plain. (Well, at least it's not too fancy...)

part one/angst (this can be considered as the disc of desire, passion, reason and compulsion)...

and, part two/crack (the disc of chance, habit and nature)
CLICK!For Damien Rice! For an extremely long cut! For banners! For angst! AND CRACK! FOR NEJITENNNN! GOGOGO!
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[MOD POST] Closing Remarks/Festival LeaK?

Thank you everyone for another fabulous festival. We were able to jam a crazy amount of NejiTen love into such a short amount of time, and none of it would have been possible without my festival helpers and you festival goers. Thanks for participating, and joining in on our fun.

While some events have ended, others shall remain open for community participation. These events include The NejiTen Quilt Project, the meme part deux, and the oekakies boards. The Round Robin event has concluded, and the full story shall be made available and linkable to the directory by tomorrow evening. Music shall be gathered for the festival soundtrack, and shared with all members as soon as humanly possible. The Night of Sevens Challenge is still open for participation, so even if you didn't finish in a timely manner, share what you were able to accomplish anyway. I will still add it to the directory. :)

The community icon will be voted on tomorrow. And don't forget that you still have time to get your answers in for the conclusion of the Scavenger Hunt!

2009 Directory List

Final updates tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the little festival leak we have going. ♥

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[ scavenger hunt ] extension

Counting up the points just now, I realized...we have a tie; two of you are in the lead with the exact same number of points. Now, I'm not going to announce who said two people are, but to make this fair, I am extending the final challenge until tomorrow(tuesday) at 6 PM.

So I suggest everyone go out there for one more hunt. I know there are plenty more Water Prison fanarts to find. >D Good luck!