February 5th, 2009

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[Mod Post] Patchwork


Everyone knows what a quilt is, I hope. They can be very impressive works of art capturing a specific theme or time period in a person's life. The art represented in quilts can be arranged by patterns, and stitched together. Some are even displayed.

Thanks to an idea generated by sapphireluna and some inspiration from wordynessie's fic, Patchwork, I bring you a new activity for this year's festival.

This year, I want to create a NejiTen quilt, or more accurately, I want us to create a quilt. I'm sure you may all be wondering how, and I can assure you all that you will not need any sewing knowledge. All you need is some creativity and a square canvas. So to all you graphic designers and artists out there, you game? You just need to make a NejiTen patch to add to the quilt. The patch needs to reflect the question, "why do you love NejiTen?" For example, if you like them because you like Neji!abuse (lolz) then you may consider creating some art that depicts Tenten teasing Neji.

- You must be an artist or graphic designer.
- The submission you make for the quilt will be resized to fit a dimension of 400x400, so keep that in consideration when making your patch.
- For artists, please submit original/new work submissions for the quilt.
- Graphic designers, please make sure to credit all your sources.
- Don't steal, copy or manipulate other people's work. Not only will it not end up in the quilt, but it will also get you banned from the community.
- Patches must be submitted between February 9th and February 22nd. Time frame may change depending on submissions made during this time.
- You are allowed to make up to 3 pathces if you are that eager.
- Patches can be submitted through a post to this community. For those who are not members, but still wish to participate, just e-mail me your submission to blooming_cosmo@yahoo.com.

I tried to make that as clear as possible. If there is still confusion or some kind of concern, please leave a comment.

- BC
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mg [zoe]

[Mod Post] Festival Ads?

I promise this is my last post for tonight!

I just really think this needed it's own thread. The lot of you are incredible. I knew this for a long time now. And then I come on to see these and now I'm totally floored. NejiTen Festival advertisements (8D) brought to you by light_flower and a member from NarutoFan, 00Demi00. Some of you may recognize the music used in one of the ads. If your memory is fuzzy...come hither.

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Thank you both so much!
[Naruto] Hayate: dance!

I bring offerings to the Nejiten festival table.

Yo, guys. So awhile back I made this epic Nejiten macro post because I made all of these screencaps. Considering that the festival is coming up and graphics shall be made, I figured I could upload the Nejiten/Team Gai ones I've got. ^_~

( Screencaps Be Here a la Fake Cut to My Journal )

Episodes: Curry of Life filler (152-157), Shippuuden 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 28, and 33.

(Plus there's a new macro at the end! XD)