January 23rd, 2009


Finally Over

Ha, does anyone even remember this?

: Red Dresses at Ayame's
Characters: Neji, Tenten, Lee, Ayame, Tsunade, (Cameo: Kakashi, Genma, Anko)
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Rating: PG-13, 'cept for some swearing, so if you have virgin eyes, I'd cover 'em . . .
Summary: (Alternate Universe) The missing heiress to the city's main crime family, a mysterious Chinese woman in red, a rising rebel faction, a 'neutral' arms dealer, and blurring lines between allies and enemies: private eye Neji Hyuuga has never had a case like this before.

The final installment:

(“Neji,” she hissed. “Get over here.” He crossed the corner, and found Tenten holding her first above the open door with a curious look on her face. “Stay close, this is odd.”)

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View the Puppetmaster: Chapter 7

Title: View the Puppetmaster
Author: Reggie
Pairing: NejiTen, with a light smattering of other later
Rating: PG for now
Summary: Hinata’s sixteenth birthday is coming up, and Neji is expected to have a date for the party. Too bad finding the right girl turns out to be the least of his troubles. NejiTen with a smattering of others.

( I'm feeling just a little bit evil... )

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to be wrong or not to be wrong? a nejiten drabble

Just thought I should share a new drabble I just finished writing. It's part of my drabble collection, 愛しています Love Is A Many Splendid Thing. I haven't updated in a while, so enjoy.
Feel free to comment and give me some advice. >o<

Title: Wrong
Series: Naruto
Pairings/Characters: NejiTen & Rock Lee
Word Count: 889
Rated: T
Category: Romance/Humor
Summary: Two people make a bet, while Lee gives Neji some useful advice about proposing to his one and only. When will he do it, no one knows.