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14 January 2009 @ 12:49 pm
I am extremely proud of this community and in general, with the NejiTen fandom. We are still going strong and now we are at 630+ members and 1,400 entries! Amazing! For some of you this festival is something your used to hearing me ramble about. However, there are tons of you that are not aware of how this small little idea has grown. For all you newbies, welcome! This is the start of our festival organization, and I always love it for everyone to put in their thoughts about how we can make this year even better than last year.

So is there anything you loved last year or the year before that you want to see come back? Do you have better suggestions or new ideas that you think will definitely make the festivities more fun and enjoyable? I am very welcome to remarks regarding previous festival problems, so don't feel like you can't speak up about it. This is your festival, and I want everyone to enjoy it. :D Besides, these things are always new learning experiences for me in terms of how I am running the community. So speak up!

This year there will be loads of prize give aways (I've been saving >D), return of events that were really successful, and loads more NejiTen loving. Expect some events to go up early, so that those who are in school/work/etc have time to plan and put things together.

Hope to hear from a lot of you!
- BC ♥
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