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A k i r a
04 December 2008 @ 01:15 am
Hi there everyone! Hope everyone is having a good time, looking forward to Christmas and holidays perhaps *smiles*

I am in need of any help I can get. I'm looking for a fanfiction on our beloved pairing which I read more that a year ago. I was pretty sure I put it into my list of favourites in my FF.net account but after looking it up several times (since last June! *gasp*) I can't seem to find it *cries*

I hope at least one of you have stumbled upon it and might direct me to where it is. Or did I read that wonderful fic in my dreams? O_o

Here are the details of the fanfic. I'm sorry as I can't remember the title. Any help is appreciated!

Rating: T-M probably
AU. I think it's with Tenten working as Kakashi's assistant or designer in a Shoe Design company (or whatever it is called XD). Neji so happens is one of the CEOs.
Last time I read it, it is not complete.
edited: The last chapter that I read of that fanfiction is set at a party. And Neji  and Tenten doing the unmentionables  there. *epistaxis*

I really hope someone can help me with this. It's frustrating looking through lists of hundreds of fics and not finding the ones which you want to read. T___T

Thank you in advance for any help given!


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