November 2nd, 2008

cassandra's destiny

Today's Advice

It hasn't been a year -- I swear. Maybe I was one or two days short of making it an entire 365 before I updated this story. And I'm sorry. It has been extremely difficult getting the continuity in check in my head after such a long time, and now I know it's not a good idea to keep it idle like that: readers might need to reread everything, and even I had to reread everything. I wanted the feeling back; thank heavens I eventually did.

Now, here's the plan: Update quickly. Strike while the iron is hot!

Title: Today's Advice
Author: Cassandra's Destiny
Rating: Fiction Rated T
Status: In-progress
Summary: Tenten has a fine job and a fine lover, but today's advice is don't lie. Okay, so her job isn't all that, and she lied about the lover part too. But that doesn't mean she has to take orders from a hot bastard who calls himself executive director, right?
Updated: Chapter 6

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