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22 October 2008 @ 04:38 am

Yo! [Today it was raining, and my leggies are numb... wah..] As the title suggests above, I've got a theory that I have been pondering on about for the past few 1 day(s), not being unrealistic, or fangirly, but say it was something with at least a *twinge* of logic and canon...

In a sense, I think that Neji, in canon actually holds a kind of strangely mutual, (if not affectionate) feelings/towards with Tenten... It's semi-true and has a little, (if not a lot) of proof. (XD)

Narutimate accel 2 (community.livejournal.com/nejiten/290723.html) has given me new enlightment, and hope!

So, my theory, here goes nothing...

Well, in the pre-time skip, it seems that Tenten has a little crush on Neji, and he seems utterly indifferent. THEN, it seems that Tenten starts to develop a respect for Lee that isn't all that simple. Then comes Shippuden, and I think over the timeskip, Neji must've fallen in love with her or something... And it seems Tenten doesn't worry about him so much (she's even more confident in his abilities)... They remain close and their bonds seemed to have tightened into a robust companionship The reason I think that it is more than a friendships is the hidden proof (above) and slightly flirtatious mood of their dialogues, and dudes, the way he held her... gently, as if he was afraid that he would hurt her or something... I may be over exaggerating, a smidge.

Platonic or romantic...? MANNNN... I'm confusing myself...  Oh fudge, I just jumbled up your mind didn't I...? So sorry...

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