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I am so terribly sorry about how long this took. I have no idea what an invalid bar code entry tag is, but I want to stab it rather violently with a spork. TWO MONTHS TO UPLOAD.


Right. Anyway, on with the fic. If any of you even remember it . . .

: Red Dresses at Ayame's
Characters: Neji, Tenten, Lee, Ayame, Tsunade, (Cameo: Kakashi, Genma, Anko)
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Rating: PG-13, 'cept for some swearing, so if you have virgin eyes, I'd cover 'em . . .

Chapter Three - In which Neji and 'Rui Xi' have a talk

(When she looked at him, she was positively beaming. “That’s the correct question, Mr. Hyuuga. Why would the Hyuugas initiate a truce meeting with the rebellious squabble they don’t like? And why at Ayame’s?”)

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