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03 October 2008 @ 07:46 pm
Title: Shadow
Author: Kitsune_spark
Rating: G
Pairing: Main: NejiTen Minor: SasuSaku, NaruHina, and ShikaIno
Summary: Naruto has a plan to get Neji and Tenten together. Too bad for Neji it includes him turning into a dog!
Disclaimer: I own nothing!! Sad isn't it?
Author Notes: This is my first fic so tell me what you think!

Chapter 1: Arf! Arf!
“What do you guys think?” a blond asked
“I don’t know… what if something goes wrong?” emerald eyes traveled to the blond.
“Don’t worry Sakura-chan!” the blond puffed out his chest.
“That’s when I worry Naruto” Sakura replied shaking her head
“Sakura-chan’s right, dobe” a raven-haired asked
”Shut up teme!”
“Sasuke-kun! Naruto!”  Sakura yelled out
“He started it!” both boys said in unison

The glared at each other then turned their heads the other way as Sakura shook her head and turned to the other three figures beside her. They were Shikamaru, Ino, and Hinata.

“Shikamaru do you think it’ll work?”

Shikamaru shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s possible”

Ino sighed and rested her head on his shoulder while holding his hand. She then turned to look at her boyfriend.

“Shika-kun, what are the chances of the plan happening?”
“About 50-50”
“Yeah, if Neji figures us out he’ll kill us and the pill’s effect only lasts for 1 week”
“Either way we have to try!”
“D-Demo, Naruto-kun-”
“Don’t worry Hinata-chan!” Naruto assured her by giving her a kiss on the cheek, which made Hinata blush faintly.


Tenten landed as gracefully as she could on the ground. She was trying to catch her breath after all the training her and Neji had been through. Tenten scanned the training area, her weapons were scattered all around. Her eyes then landed on Neji, who was a few feet away from her; there was a small crater around him.

“Let’s take a break, Tenten”
“… Right!”

The two turned their heads to see Sakura, Ino, and Hinata running up to the older girl.

“Tenten-chan, come on!”
“Huh? Where’re we going?” Tenten asked the three dragged her away
“We’re gonna do some girl bonding!” Sakura and Ino exclaimed happily
“Um… ok”

Neji was soon left alone after the three dragged his sparing partner away, but he wasn’t alone for long.

“Hey Neji!”
“Uzumaki, Nara, … Uchiha”


Neji and Sasuke had a glaring contest.

“What do you want?”
“Do you want to eat ramen with us?”
“… Sure”


“How about this one?” Ino asked as she showed Sakura a tank top.

The girls were in the mall shopping for cloths, for Tenten.

“Not sure… I think it’ll clash with the pants”
“Hey where is Tenten?”
“Hinata’s not here either”
“Where’d they go?”
“W-We’re over h-here!”

Hinata was waving a hand in the air to catch her friends’ attention.

“Where’s Tenten?” Sakura asked as her and Ino ran up to the shy girl
“S-She’s in t-the d-dressing room” Hinata replied
“Really? You picked out an outfit for her Hinata?”
“Y-Yes, um… a-ano I h-hope i-it’s not a p-problem”
“No! Not at all!”
“Tenten you done yet?”
“Yeah, but I’m not coming out!”
“Come on!”
“Let’s see!”

Tenten stepped out of the dressing room and as she did the Sakura and Ino gasped.

“Hinata you’ve got an eye for fashion!”
“I-I do?”
“Let’s go show the boys!”
“Wait I’m not going in public lik-”

That was the last thing Tenten said before Sakura and Ino dragged her out of the store and towards


“Here’s your ramen!”

Before Naruto started eating he gazed to the chief who winked, Naruto grinned and gave a small nod to Shikamaru and Sasuke, who smirked in return. While Neji wasn’t paying attention, they asked the chief to put the pill they gave him into Neji’s bowl of ramen. As they finished the last of their ramen they heard shouting.

“Hey boys!”
“Hey!” the three replied

Naruto then noticed Tenten was with them but he didn’t recognize her, after all she looked completely different. She was wearing blue skinny jeans, a brown sleeveless shirt that had a dragon design starting from the bottom right around the back ending at her right shoulder, the shirt was hugging her showing off curves; her hair, for once, once left down and it was wavy and reached about halfway down her back; and to finish it off she had pink flat cap (aka a golf cap). Naruto leaned over to Hinata.

“Hinata-chan, who is that?”
“N-Naruto-kun, t-that’s Tenten-nee-chan”

The four boys’ mouth went agape when they heard this fact, especially Neji. Tenten shoves her hand into her pocket while the other hand was fixing her cap. This action attracted the boys’ attention.

“That’s Tenten!”
“What’re you guys staring at?” Tenten snapped at the four.

The other three girls decided to help their friend since she wasn’t used to the attention. To snap their boyfriends out the trance they gave them a kiss on the lips, the girls pulled away seeing the boys had snapped out of the trance but the boys wanted more. Meanwhile Neji was able to snap himself out of it before Tenten could hit him across the back of the head.

“You look… wow” was all Neji could muster which made Tenten giggle
“What’s wrong? The great Hyuga prodigy is speechless?”

Tenten then turned to her friends only to sweatdrop. Her friends were now having a make out session with their boyfriends. Sakura somehow got onto Sasuke’s lap with his arms locked around her waist, while hers were on his to make sure they didn’t go any lower (if ya catch my drift); Naruto had Hinata pinned to the counter with his arms around her waist and hers around his neck; and Ino was bending over to Shikamaru since he was still in his seat, one of his arms was around her neck while the other around her waist, she kept both her hands on the seat to support herself.

“Something tells me we should leave them alone, Neji”

The two left the three couples to themselves and were walking to Tenten’s house. The walk was quiet making both uncomfortable; Neji was going to break it when suddenly…

“Hey beautiful!”
“Please go out with me, Neji-kun!”
“Are you free Friday?”
“Neji-kun! I love you!”
“Great! Just what I need fangirls/fanboys!” Neji and Tenten thought as a crowd of fangirls and fanboys surrounded the two.

One fangirl pulled Neji towards the hills nearby, this caused all the fangirls to follow, so now there were two crowds. Neji pulled free from the fangirl and flared at her not even noticing that he activated Byakugan. The fangirls ran off scared. Neji smirked as deactivated Byakugan and glanced over to Tenten who was still surrounded by fanboys.

“Better help her”

Before Neji could take a step towards her his head began throbbing.

“What the- Agh…”

Neji fell on to the floor while clutching his head and eyes closed shut. Once the pain went away he got to his feet.

“What was that?”
“I said I’m not interested!”

Neji looked up and watched in amusement as Konoha’s Weapon Mistress was running away from fanboys.

“I’d like to see how she gets out of this but she’d be mad at me if I didn’t help out”

Neji ran towards the lake nearby to meet up with Tenten, since she was running in that direction; but as she got closer Neji noticed something.

“Is it me or is she getting bigger?”

Tenten stopped running to catch a breath, luckily she was able to put some distance between her and the fanboys. Tenten falls flat on her back, she turns her head to look around and then pouts.

“Geez! Where’s Neji?”
“I’m right here” Neji called as he sat beside Tenten

Tenten sits up and looks down to Neji.

“Hey! What’s puppy like you doing out here?”

Neji walks over to the lake and looks at his reflection to see that he looked like a puppy!

“What the- Why am I a puppy? *growls* Uzumaki must’ve put something in my ramen!”

Neji looks at his reflection one more time. He was about Akamaru’s height (before time skip), he still had pale eyes, and his fur color was the same as his hair’s color coffee brown.


Tenten and Neji turned their heads towards the incoming fanboys.

“Where’s Neji when I need him?” Tenten yelled out

Tenten was about to stand up and run when Neji jumps onto her.

“Hey! What’re you doing?”

Neji pulls out a kunai from her pouch with the handle in his mouth and stands in between Tenten and the fanboys.

“Ahahaha! Look at this!”
“The mutt thinks he can hurt us!”

Neji gave them a hard glare.

“I maybe a dog but I still have my pride!”
“What is that puppy thinking?”

One-fanboy charges at Neji but the puppy threw the kunai landing right in front of him, making the fanboy stop dead in his tracks.

“Looks like the mutt has some fight in it!”

Neji just smirked and bit the next fanboy in a place where it really hurts! All the fanboys ran off not wanting to face the same fate. Neji smirked

“Better run”

Neji soon felt himself being lifted into the air and into a warm embrace.

“Thank you so much!”
“You don’t seem to have a collar… Do you have an owner?”
“Arf? There goes my pride”
“You don’t have an owner? How about I be your owner?” Tenten asked the puppy, not knowing it was actually Neji
“Why not? Can’t go to the Hyuga Mansion like this” Neji nods his head

Tenten places Neji on the ground gently and stares at him.

“Now what should your name be?… How about… Shadow! Because you look like a shadow in the dark!”
“Shadow? Guess I can live with it”

Tenten smiles and begins petting her new puppy.

 “Let’s go Shadow!”

Neji walked beside Tenten as they walked towards Tenten’s house.

“I’m living as a dog now, huh. This should be interesting”