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a splendid orchestra
Hello. Infrequent participant here. Shamelessly plugging an old, dusty collection that was just updated (after a year, because I happen to be a waste). I only bring this to you kind folk because it is the NejiTen 100 Themes thingie from sayoran no hime's website. Please bear with my junk collection, and if it pleases you, I suggest that you ignore everything until 6. (It be for your own good) 8D 

Author: Nakoudo Byakugan (me~)
Title: To Paint the World
Genre: Romance/General
Rating: Varies, up to T (because, along with being a waste, I am also a pansy)

Kapital ein~  Sake
Kapital zwei~ Sunlight
Kapital drei~ Hold My Hand
Kapital vier~ Mistakes
Kapital fünf~ Heal
Kapital sechs~ Breasts

Thank you very much!

Honestly, I can't believe I used to use the word "orbs" for eyes. =_=u
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24 July 2008 @ 11:52 pm
where I can find the "Tenten's Birthday" equivalent of Shin's "A Message From Neji"? I've been wracking my brains but can't seem to find it. >< 

I remember it was a penciled sketch involving Neji being kidnapped by Gai and Lee. ^^  
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