July 6th, 2008

mg [zoe]

[MOD POST] Childhood Contest Submissions.

Judging of entries for the CHILDHOOD CONTEST will begin shortly. Your judges include myself and goldberry. We promise to judge fairly, and hopefully have answers regarding winners shortly. So, please be patient. In the mean time, while you're waiting, feel free to browse the many submissions we have received. They are all wonderful and deserve your attention.


- How It All Began by Tiekko
- First Sight by gin-kyo
- The Passerby by eshtar
- First Meeting by Meriu
- Good Morning by marachan
- Are You Challenging Me by sapphireluna
- NejiTen Childhood by Kyra-Mitsu


- Of Childhood Premises by Hikui
- Precious Flower by sorceress2000
- Sentimental by katakokk
- Oppsite Ends of the Spectrum by smokkie
- Royalty by fatal_red
- Seasons in the Sun by redenzione
- Second Hand Angels by sun_myths
- Thoughtless by passivesky
- Splat by toboe_lonewolf
- Never A Child by wingsover

And with that, I'd like to thank all those who spared some time to submit to this contest. ♥ Also special thanks to goldberry for sponsoring this contest. We'll be back with an answer shortly. :D

Keep the NejiTen love alive,
BC ♥
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