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I used to lurk around here as miss_wildcatt, or plain wildcatt over at ff.net.  Thought I'd try my hand at compiling a FST for the fandom so here's my first go!  The theme is broadly, "Romance in feudal China", so every single song available for download is sung in mandarin (unless it's an instrumental......in which case it is taken from a Chinese movie).  Think of it as an AU FST, if you will, with Neji and Tenten as the starstruck lovers in some ancient Chinese myth. 


Generally has a headache
03 June 2008 @ 01:38 pm
Feel free to delete this if it's not allowed.

Hi all! I come to you today seeking roleplayers, we have plenty of canon's available and to apply for an OC you have to have at least one accepted canon character first.

You can find a list of our taken characters here and a list of available characters here.

Be sure to read the rules and the plot if you pop by.

We're a friendly lot so feel free to say hello, we don't bite(unless you ask us to and then we might nibble a bit ^^;).

Also, we are slash and hetero friendly, any pairing is accepted as long as the other player is okay with it, and we do allow mature playing(smut and the like) as long as you put a warning on it.

So, I'm hoping to see some new rper's coming by! ^^