June 2nd, 2008

mg [zoe]

[MOD POST] NejiTen Summer Contest


So it has been a few months since the last big event in this community. With all the success it brought, I am hoping that this contest gains a ton of participation. Now this will be a first for the NejiTen community in the sense of who is allowed to participate, and depending on how successful it is we may try to reach out to different NejiTen communities in the future.


There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.

Your challenge is to create a submission that in some way shape or form deals with Neji and Tenten's childhood. This can include flashbacks, before/during the academy, their time on Team Gai, etc. I never discourage creativity, so if you have something up your sleeve, by all means do it. The quote above is only there to inspire, you don't have to incorporate it in your submission. ;D

- This challenge is allowing submissions from nejiten, the NejiTen Fanclub on NarutoFan, and members from deviant art.
- Your submission needs to either be in the category of fanfiction or fanart.
- All entries must include Neji and Tenten. Lee and Gai are as well encouraged and welcomed. ♥
- There are three ways to submit an entry for this contest. You can either post the entry to nejiten, send me a PM through Naruto Fan to Blooming Cosmo, or send me a note to drasticspastic on deviant art. All I ask is that your entry be labeled clearly, so that I am aware that you have made a submission!
- This contest will run to the end of the month, June 30th 2008. Submissions after this point will NOT be accepted without permission from myself.

- All entries must be submitted no later then 12 MIDNIGHT EST on MONDAY, JUNE 30TH 2008!
- You are only allowed to submit ONE entry!
- If you make an entry that is not clearly labeled, we will not be held responsible for not including it for judging.
- If you steal someone else's work, we will hunt you down and eliminate you ninja style. But seriously guys, it won't get past me, I've been around fandom. I know my fandom like the back of my hand. And I'm sure other members can pinpoint theft as well.
- Entries that contain bashing of pairings and/or characters of any kind will not only be rejected, but laughed at personally by me. :)
- General community rules still apply.

- Prizes for this contest have been generously donated by goldberry.
- Prizes will be awarded to one person in the fanfiction category and one person from the fanart category.
- The prize sets include one Naruto Calender, NejiTen Card, and Neji and Lee pins
- In the event the winner feels uncomfortable with having merchandise mailed to them, please private message me or contact me through LJ so that an alternate prize can be determined.

This contest is sponsored by goldberry. The theme and prizes are under her name. Love her and shower her with love. ♥

If there are any questions, or any general confusion about this contest, please comment to this entry. This post will be linked to the userinfo page for further accessing. I really do hope that we get a lot of participation for this contest. This should be fun for everyone.