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Toboe LoneWolf
03 May 2008 @ 06:34 pm
Ahahaha so when I say I'll be late, I...will be late. But here they are, the entries for the Guessing Game! We have 8 seriously awesome entries for you to guess the authors to, and that means there are 40320 different ways for you to guess. XP

You are free to discuss the entries in this post. Authors, you are free to join in too, EXCEPT for revealing yourselves (and don't post up your entries anywhere else just yet!). XP The list of authors is in the official guessing post. And finally, here are the entries!

Entry ACollapse )

Entry BCollapse )

Entry CCollapse )

Entry DCollapse )

Entry ECollapse )

Entry FCollapse )

Entry GCollapse )

Entry HCollapse )
Toboe LoneWolf
Okay guys! Here's where you'll put your official guesses, via comments. All comments are screened, so authors are free to guess without revealing themselves and at the end I can make a geeky little graph of what author was guessed the most for which drabble and other silly stuff like that. Everyone, including the authors, is free to guess! (...Except me. XP)

Guessing will run from now (May 3rd) until Monday, May 12th (about one week). On Tuesday, May 13th I'll reveal who wrote what, and post up who got the most right.

And your choices for guessing are:Collapse )

And your entries are: ENTRY A | ENTRY B | ENTRY C | ENTRY D | ENTRY E | ENTRY F | ENTRY G | ENTRY H

Any questions or concerns can be posted here.