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Hisagi Shuuhei sixtyFINE
Hi's. ^^ Some of you NejiTen fans might know me, I'm an artist and I'm trying to find a really good NejiTen fanfic that I can make into a comic (with the author's consent of course lol). Anyways, I'm looking for one that is hopefully not too long, all the characters are in character, and the plot is still that of Naruto Shippuden.

If you aren't familar with my art just go to my deviantART page http://www.dattebayooo.deviantart.com

Thanks guys! Love ya! 
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Toboe LoneWolf
25 March 2008 @ 09:10 pm
Hey guys! Opening up the Nejiten community guessing game! Here's the prompt and the submission entry post.

Nature does not communicate with man by sending encoded messages.

--Oscar Hechter, in Biology and Medicine into the 21st century, 1991.

Submissions are open from now to April 30th. Please post your entry (approximately 500-1500 word limit) to this post (which will be screened). Also, if you'd like, please give a link to your fanfic profile/archive so when it's time to guess, there's something to "compare" your writing to and if you've never written a fanfic before, there's no stopping you from writing more between now and then =D

Rules and DetailsCollapse )

Any questions or comments can be posted here.

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25 March 2008 @ 09:33 pm

Finally, the fourth chapter to Cirque Sorriso. Enjoy!

{I knew that from day one.}

Previous chapters can be nagivated from the drop down menu on the page.

So...how are you guys? Haha. 
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