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Toboe LoneWolf
21 March 2008 @ 06:41 pm
A bazillion gazillion years later...

Hey guys, remember that day waaaaaaaay way back when I had this idea to do a kind of Nejiten community guessing game?

Still up for it? My finals are (miracles!) over finally, and spring break right around the corner (or just past, for some of you...sorry guys, but at least the schoolwork shouldn't be TOO bad now...right? I hope?) and uh yeah, I finally came up with a prompt idea (which only came about while I was studying, go figure).

And with wordynessie calling all fanartists, I figured, why not a shout-out to all the fanfic authors? =D =D =D

For those that missed (or forgot about) the last post, I thought that with all the great fanfic writers here in the comm, we could have this little guessing game where people would anonymously post a short drabble/fic and then we'd all guess whodunnit. And I don't think you have to be some "established" author to enter -- the more entries, and the more "randomness" there is, the more fun! Besides, I think it'd be fun to be a "super sekerit" entry. Plus, since I'll post up who entered (but obviously not who did what), it'll be like free fanfic advertising! It's like, non-shameful plugging! XDDDDDDD

I was thinking of running the contest/game thinking of running the game for a month. If no one has any time conflicts or anything I was thinking from this March 22/24ish to April 30th. That way the game should end a good distance away from finals. XP

Any objections? If not I'll open up the game sometime this weekend. Or, er, Tuesday, to give time for objections...XP

EDIT: Because Toboe forgot all the little details like, you know, rules...Collapse )

EDIT: The game is now open! The submissions post is here.