March 19th, 2008

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Two FanArts... for two people and a fic for everyone

These two fanarts are for those two people to whom they were dedicated to. I made it NejiTen since I do know the both of them are NejiTen Fans... and also since NejiTen is all that I could think about and all that I am capable of doing.  I don't know if it's appropriate to post them here but... -.-;; Here they are... ENJOY!
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The First picture is a portrayal from Forever Intertwined: NejiTen Family Story A fic of mine about Neji and Tenten's family, with two sons... and an internal conflicts between the boys. It focused on their role as parents, on the boys' connection between each other, and their family as a whole. I've only posted the first and second chapter here but now it's completed already in FFN. Enjoy...

And uh... ^^a
blooming_cosmo-san... if I ask for your assistance in coloring a NejiTen drawing, would you help me? It's for wordynessie's challenge... and... uh... er...

Ma... bye, minna!! See ya again!
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