March 8th, 2008

mg [zoe]

Reminder [ Mod Post ]

It's been a while, but I just wanted to leave a quick reminder that your oekakies board is still open, and will likely only remain that way if there are periodic entries every now and then. I'd hate to see the board deleted, so if there are still any interested artists, you are more then welcome to post some art there.

NejiTen Oekakies Board

Using the board is relatively easy. At the top there are drop down menus with dimensions for your canvas. Click go and it will take you to your canvas. You can draw and use the pallet and everything. Then click send and fill out the rest of the info for your submission. See, very simple. So even if it's a quick doodle of the pairing, feel free to submit.

There are some very cute ones there right now, so those who aren't comfortable drawing should at least check and comment on drawings cause they are adorable. XD

- BC ♥
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