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Sara without an "h"
03 March 2008 @ 01:11 am
I've finally written the next chapter for my story which was inspired by eshtar's awesome artwork.  Just a note that I won't be following the rest of the artwork cos it's too hard to tie it in with the direction I want to take my story.  Sorry it took me a while to update but I was overseas without much computer access for about 2 months. 

I realised how many errors there were in the 1st chapter after reading it over recently and was quite horrified.  If you do spot any in this chapter please tell me so I can fix it!  Oh and be warned that Shikamaru is rather sexist in this chapter. 

Title:  When Neji met Tenten  (In my previous entry this was called First Impressions but on ff.net it's called this so I'm sorry for any confusion)
Genre:  AU  highschool - romance/humour/general
Characters:  Neji, Tenten, and the rest of the gang (well most of them)
Status:  In progress
Disclaimer:  I do not own any of the Naruto franchise
Summary:  Konoha Girls Grammar School is being merged with their brother school. How to deal with members of the opposite sex?

Chapter 1 - First Impressions plus the link to Eshtar's artwork is in here

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03 March 2008 @ 01:41 am
This took me a couple of hours to finish, and I think I nearly killed my hand trying to complete it...
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