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Sapphire Luna
23 February 2008 @ 01:31 pm
Title: The Bonds of Time Chapter 2

Characters: NejiTen, Hinata, Hiashi, ShikaIno, Kiba, Sakura...
Summary: (Same as last time) "In order to avoid having his child receiving the curse seal, Neji asks Hinata to pretend his child is hers while he finds a solution. Lies will continue to pile up until the burden is too heavy for anyone to hold. Parenting won't be easy for others as well."

Click here for Prologue and Chapter 1

You can’t hide a baby forever! You want to lie to everyone?Collapse )

I know my level of vocabulary is still too low and that my descriptions lack, that's why it would mean the world to me if if you could read and give me some advice/comments. (And I promise the plot will be interesting!)As you may know, I am a native French speaker, English is my second language. That's why sometimes I have trouble writing what's in my head in English as well as I would in French.