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14 January 2008 @ 12:28 am
hoo boy... *apologizes that this is late*  My clock reads 12:45 a.m., on a school day.  But I wanted to get this done.  :3
I combined two themes, I hope that's okay !  -__-"
I'm very tired, so I'll edit this tomorrow.  Or technically, this afternoon.
formal introduction now:

12 Days of NejiTen Challenge
12 / 12
Notes: AU.  I used the same AU scenario as The Only Alliance because my brain cells are dead and I've been reading too much Ouran High School Host Club.  School scenarios are appealing ! >_<

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14 January 2008 @ 02:21 pm
Scavenger Hunt Results

Thank you all for participating. I hope you all enjoyed the game, and will be back for some more NejiTen hunting next year. But I'm sure you all are wondering who won the whole thing...

So here are the long awaited results.Collapse )

Again, thanks for participating. You all did a good job. ♥

- 12 Days of NejiTen challenges will still be accepted till Midnight tonight, which means you will still get banners if completed on time
- banner makers, if there are any problems, please let me know in advance
- concluding rights for the festival will be made later on tonight, but thanks everyone for yet another fantastic festival ♥
14 January 2008 @ 10:50 pm

I set a new record for myself for finishing six themes (or chapters) within six hours that I had personally planned for myself earlier today,
and now, I feel exhausted. xD

PLEASE read and enjoy! Thanks to the LJ community for giving me a great first-hand oppurtunity.

{Do you think it meant anything?}

I've previewed it a couple times, and for whatever reason, Theme 12 won't show up, so if you read this before tomorrow (since I figure it'll be up by then) It'll be... 

Edit: January 15, 2008:
Uhm, no comments yet? Come on guys, gimme some love. <3
Toboe LoneWolf
Noooooes! The official end of our LJ Nejiten Festivities draws near! (But that doesn't mean we can't party like there's no tomorrow, right? >D)

Because I am now officially addicted to Flash, I made a Really Quick and Lame unofficial conclusion...thingy...I would have added a lot more stuff, but Toboe is also massively lazy and forgetful, so it's really short and plain.

Unofficial LJ Nejiten 2007 Festival Conclusion ThingyCollapse )

Also, we totally need to have an official massive THANK YOU POST to blooming_cosmo, mod extraordinaire. She's worked so hard at organizing this wonderful party for all of us (and last year too!) and we so need to give huge kudos and thank yous to BC for starting it all.