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12 January 2008 @ 12:42 pm
;_; I feel really presumptuous and rude asking this, but...was it true that the completion of NejiTen 12 Days Challenge yielded a banner, or something? It was just something I noticed a little while ago. Although, I finished some time ago, and didn't receive one, so, uhh, now I'm confused.

>>; Someone should shoot me dead; I feel like a megalomaniac for asking.

Mrrrgh, feel free to delete this post, if it's inappropriate, mods.

*is shot*

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12 January 2008 @ 12:44 pm
Alright everyone. We only have two days left of the festival. This means that many of the events currently running will be ending quite soon. This includes the Round Robin Game, the Scavenger Hunt and the 12 days of NejiTen.

After the end of the festival, I'm not sure what we will do with our Oekakies Board, mainly because if people don't continuously add pictures it will delete itself. I will leave the link in the userinfo after the festival, but in the event it deletes itself it shall be removed. Needless to say, keep drawing guys. XD All of the things posted there have really been gorgeous. ♥

We have enough songs to post our Festival FST, but if you'd like to squeeze in another song feel free to.

We got a ton of votes for the community icontest, but even more would be wonderful. Winners shall be announced tonight. ♥

Finally, if you haven't seen the crackiest NejiTen flashes in the history of NejiTen crack...you may wish to come here. You won't be disappointed in the slightest. ;D

Hope everyone has enjoyed the festival thus far. We have had a bunch of participation and some memorable entries this time around. Let's keep that going until the end. ♥
Sapphire Luna
12 January 2008 @ 06:14 pm
I was feeling like crap today because I had my wisdom teeth removed plus it's that time of the month, so I was bored and sat all day making a really stupid movie.

I filmed it with my digital camera so the quality isn't too great, especially with youtube's compression.
There are subtitles because I'm too shy to record my own voice ^_^;

Cheaptastic Figures TheaterCollapse )
12 January 2008 @ 08:46 pm
To squeeze all the themes in, I played the let's-see-how-many-prompts-I-can-fit-into-one-picture thing. And so, I bring you this. Done with color pencils while not paying attention to World History, and minor tweaking in photoshop.

Biiig images behind the cut~Collapse )
12 January 2008 @ 09:30 pm
We had such a great voting turn out guys. Thanks so much for taking the time to vote. You guys rock. ♥ Voting was really close, and I'm not surprised considering what awesome icons we had. But enough of me rambling, here are your results.

And the winner is...Collapse )