January 10th, 2008

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Scavenger Hunt Round 7

So, are you ready for the final round? ♥

Your job is just like the other challenges: look for something close, or the exact item I'm looking for. This time we will be dealing with fan comics - or short doujins made by fans. The one I want is found online, meaning it's no doujin you can buy(you didn't think you could find it by simply looking through my doujinshi post now did you? >D) If you think it is one of the comics with more than one page, feel free to post just one page of it, not the whole thing. All comments are screened. Round 7 challenge is:

FANART (comic): Over the years, Neji recieves gifts from Tenten...

Now, if you are having a hard time and you want another hint, comment here with the word 'HELP'. I will give you ONE additional hint! But it will cost you. You will lose 5 points, but it also may increase your chance of finding the actual item and obtain the most points from the challenge, so make your decisions wisely.

If you don't respond with a find by 3PM Saturday (12th), you will receive 0 points. So make sure you get your item in on time. Final results will be posted by blooming_cosmo. Good luck!

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Even though the end date of the festival is fast approaching, it's not over just yet! The Festival Directory is right this way!